The Chevron Captain of the Game recognizes one child at every LA Kings home game to lead the team onto the ice. Each child is selected from the Junior Kings program as a youth leader. Chevron is proud to partner with the LA Kings to invest in our community and honor the leaders of tomorrow.

Chevron Captain of the Game

May 14th vs Sharks

Ethan Light is a Center and Defenseman for the LA Jr. Kings Squirt A1 team, weighing in at 75 pounds and 4 feet 8 inches tall. Ethan will be celebrating his 11th birthday this week and hopes to take after his favorite player, Anze Kopitar. Following his older brother who played for the Jr. Kings for 7 years, Ethan is a Dangler who helped his team win the SCAHA Squirt Age Championship and CAHA Squirt Age Championship.


May 10th vs Sharks

Andre Gasseau is a Right Wing for the LA Jr. Kings Squirt A2 team, weighing in at 83 pounds and 4 feet 10 inches tall. At 9 years old, Andre is a Feisty Power Forward and was the leading scorer while his team finished tied for first place in the league. Andre was recently selected to be a member of Team California, representing California at the prestigious Brick tournament to be held in Edmonton this summer.


May 6th vs Blues

Dane Sorensen is a Left Wing for the TSC Mite Black Team, weighing in at 38 pounds and just under 4 feet tall. Dane turned 6 on May 2nd and is an enforcer and agitator on the ice, taking after his favorite Kings player Dustin Brown.


May 4th vs Blues

Chase Granger is a 4’10” goaltender for the LA Jr. Kings Squirt BB squad. Chase, or as some know him Chaser, loves Jonathan Quick and plays the butterfly style with a quick glove hand. Chase’s dad is also the Kings Head Equipment Manager.


April 21st vs Sharks

Lucas Viskovicz is a center on the LA Jr. Kings Squirt BB1 team. Lucas, nicknamed “The Red Fox”, is 4 feet, 4 inches tall. When Lucas is off the ice, he enjoys playing baseball, video games and hanging out with friends. Lucas’ team just recently won the State Championship.


April 18th vs Blue Jackets

Nathan Seekins is a 4 foot 7 defenseman for the 2002 Jr. Kings Squirt A team. He is considered a two way threat by his team. This year the team went on to win the Southern California Championship. When Nathan isn’t playing hockey, he’s on the diamond playing baseball. Nathan currently attends Peter Burnett Elementary.


April 13th vs Ducks

Sebastian Brockman, nicknamed “Sebas” plays defense for the Los Angeles Jr. Kings Mite A team. Standing at 4 feet, 8 inches, Sebastian is described as a defensive playmaker by teammates and coaches. Sebastian’s favorite Kings player is Anze Kopitar, whom he once played golf with. Sebastian currently attends Center Street School.


April 11th vs Avalanche

Britain Orthner plays right wing for the LA Junior Kings Mite A team. At 4 feet, 6 inches, Britain is a power forward who idolizes the games of Jeff Carter and Kyle Clifford. Britain likes dinosaurs and wants to be a paleontologist if hockey doesn’t work out. He currently attends Valor Christian Academy in Redondo Beach.


April 6th vs Oilers

Hudson O’Hara, the ‘Hawk’, stands at 4 feet, 11 inches. He plays center on the Jr. Kings Squirt BB 1 team. Hudson is great on the backcheck. During his free time, Hudson loves playing goalie in street hockey as well as lacrosse. Hudson is also currently a member of the student council at Meadows Elementary.


April 4th vs. Wild

Mikas Marinos is a 4 foot 7 right winger who currently plays for the Jr. Kings Squirt BB Team. Mikas attends Center Street Elementary school. His favorite players are Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown. Mikas is heading to the CAHA State Championships next weekend. The Kings wish him and his team the best of luck!


March 23rd vs. Vancouver

Thomas “The Wolverine” Quast plays forward for the LA Junior Kings Mite B team. He is described as a gritty sharp shooter by his coaches and teammates. Thomas currently attends Lee Elementary in Los Alamitos. He enjoys making practical jokes with his friends and family. Thomas has 3 older brothers who have also played for the JR. Kings.


March 21th vs. Stars

Adhit Desai currently plays defense for the Junior Kings Squirt B team. He is a grinder and playmaker. Standing at 4 feet 6 inches, Adhit has great hands and is an intelligent player. When Adhit is not on the ice, he enjoys practicing his shot in his garage. His favorite non hockey activity is playing video games, and sharing jokes with friends.


March 19th vs. Phoenix

Bryan McLachlan is a 4 foot 9 inch skilled defenseman for the Los Angeles Jr. Kings Squirt BB team. On the ice he is described as a playmaker; off the ice he is on the Holy Trinity elementary school’s Honor Roll. In 2011, Bryan won a Kings Skill competition as a goalie.
His favorite Kings player is Anze Kopitar.


March 18th vs. Phoenix

Jacob Jamani plays right wing for the Los Angeles Jr. Kings Mite B1 team. His coach, Nick Vachon describes him as a gritty and hardworking power forward. Standing at 4 feet 2 inches, Jacob is a team leader, as well as one of the top scorers in the league.
Jacob lives, eats and breathes hockey; if he could, he would wear his Jr. Kings jersey to school everyday.
Jacob currently attends Franklin elementary school in Santa Monica. His favorite players are Jeff Carter and Drew Doughty.


March 11th vs. Calgary

Calvin Vachon is a quick, and aggressive goalie for the LA Jr. Kings Mite B1 team. Calvin helped lead his Mite B team to first place in the regular season. At 4 feet 2 inches, Calvin is the grandson of former Kings goalie, Rogie Vachon. Calvin currently attends Lincoln elementary school.


March 9th vs. Calgary

Jesse Castro plays center / wing for the Jr. Kings Mite B team. He is 4 feet tall and loves going top shelf on the goalie. Jesse’s favorite player is Dustin Brown. Jesse Currently attends Riviera elementary school. His parents met at a Kings Hockey game.


March 7th vs. Dallas

Chloe Baker plays goalie for the LA Junior Kings Mite B 3 Team. She plays an aggressive butterfly style, and loves to smother rebounds. Standing at 4 feet 3 inches, she dreams of playing for the U.S. Women’s Olympic ice hockey team in 2022 and 2026. Chloe attends school at Hermosa Valley Elementary. Her favorite players are Johnathan Quick and Rob Scuderi.


March 5th vs. St. Louis

Lulu Troyer is currently captain of her JR. Kings 12-U Girls Team in El Segundo. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches, she is a tough defender who isn’t afraid to battle along the boards. Lulu’s favorite player on the Kings is defenseman Drew Doughty.
Lulu is also an exceptional student at Immaculate Heart Middle School.


March 4th vs. Nashville

Christian Nalle is a third grader at Village View Elementary in Huntington Beach, California. Christian is a goaltender for the Jr. Kings Mite B2 team. Standing at 4 feet 7 inches, Christian prefers playing goalkeeper at the top of the crease.
His favorite players are Jonathan Quick, Jonathan Bernier and Dustin Brown. Christian is also one of Bailey’s biggest fans. Christian is a huge hockey fan, and if he could, he would play all day long.
His Jr. Kings Mite team is advancing to the Southern CA Hockey Association playoffs.


February 27th vs. Detroit

Claire Ghantous is an exceptional student at the Incarnation School in Glendale, California. Claire is nicknamed “The Brick Wall” because of her outstanding play as a goalie for the ‘Squirt B’ team. Claire plays the position of forward for the Girl’s 10U and 12U Team. Standing at 4 feet 11 inches, Claire is described as a grinder by her teammates.
Her favorite players are Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick. Claire loves gymnastics and is also very artistic.


February 25th vs. Anaheim

Brayden Lowe, nicknamed: Breakaway, standing 4 feet 9 inches and weighing 98 pounds. Brayden is from the Jr. Kings Mite A2 Team and plays Left Wing. Brayden’s older brother, Adam plays for the Jr. Kings AAA, and Brayden wants to be just like him. His favorite players are: Dustin Brown, Rob Scuderi and Jeff Carter.


February 23rd vs. Colorado

Matthew Allen Burgner from the Jr. Kings Mite B3 Team, 7 years old and stands 3 feet 7 inches and weighs 42 pounds. Matthew is in the 1st grade class at Birney Elementary and this is his first year of travel hockey. His coaches say, “He’s not the biggest guy on the ice in stature but he plays with the heart of a lion!”


February 15th vs. Columbus

10 year old Jasper "Happy Yappy" Stratton from Coach Andrew Stone's Jr. Kings Squirt A squad. Jasper is linemates with Parker Murray and Tyson Store, kids of ex Kings greats Glen and Jamie. Hockey motto is "Go to the net!"


January 31st vs. Nashville

7 year old Logan Yovetich from the Jr. Kings Mite B1 Team. Logan stands at 3 feet and weighs 45 pounds. He models his style of play after power forwards Jordan Nolan and Dwight Kings.