When is the renewal deadline for my LA Kings 2010-11 Season Tickets and 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets?

There are 2 deadlines: Renew by March 22, 2010 and receive discounted "Early Incentive" pricing on both the 2010-11 Regular Season and the 2010 Playoffs, including a price freeze on round 1 of the playoffs. Renew by June 25, 2010 and receive standard pricing for the 2010-11 Regular Season and 2010 Playoffs

How do I relocate, upgrade or add season seats?
You will have an opportunity to relocate, upgrade or add seats at our 2010 "Select-A-Seat" event at STAPLES Center (exact dates are yet to be determined). Invitations and more details for "Select-A-Seat" will be mailed in the coming months. You also have the option to add additional Season Tickets now - any additional Season Tickets purchased prior to the March 22 deadline will be discounted at the Early Incentive pricing for BOTH the 2010-11 Regular Season AND the 2010 Playoffs. Call your Season Ticket Service Executive at 1.888.KINGSLA today to add additional tickets. (Please note: To be eligible to participate in "Select-A-Seat," your account must be renewed by June 25, 2010)

What options do I have to pay for my 2010-11 Season Tickets?
You have three payment options to choose from: 1) Pay in full by March 22, 2010; 2) 50/50 plan - 5% by March 22, 2010, 45% by June 18, 2010, and the remaining 50% by August 20, 2010; or 3) Our 10-installment payment plan.

How can I apply my Ticket Exchange resale credits?

Any credits on your account from the 2010-11 Season, including Ticket Exchange credits from games sold, will be applied to your 2010 Playoff purchase and/or your 2010-11 renewal.


How does "Playoffs Pay-As-We-Play" work?
Renew your LA Kings 2010-11 Season Tickets with a 5% deposit by March 22, 2010 and you will be eligible for the LA Kings "Playoffs Pay-As-We-Play." Your credit card will be charged for two home games when the team clinches a playoff spot and then charged for the remaining games only when they are announced. A valid credit card is required for participation in this program.

What do my 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Strips include?
A 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Strip includes tickets to every potential LA Kings home game that could be played during the playoffs. Because there is still a chance for home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs, each playoff round includes four home games and there are four playoff rounds.

Will I have the same seat location for the playoffs?

Can I purchase additional Playoff Strips?
Yes! Once you have renewed your LA Kings 2010-11 Season Tickets and your 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets, you will be able to purchase up to eight additional seats per account. You will receive an email notification from us in early April letting you know when additional Playoff Strips are available. At that point, you will be able to order Strips by either logging on to LAKINGS.COM/seasontix or calling your Season Ticket Service Executive at 1.888.KINGSLA. Please make sure your email address is up-to-date, as indicated on your season ticket invoices. All additional playoff orders are subject to availability and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, if you have any friends, family or colleagues who are interested in LA Kings 2010 Playoff Strips, you will be able to refer them to purchase tickets as well.

What happens with my parking for the playoffs?
When you renew your playoff tickets, your parking for the playoffs will automatically be renewed in the same lot as your regular season parking. Once renewed, your playoff parking vouchers will be sent to you.

Can I purchase additional single-game tickets for the playoffs?

The LA Kings will put 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff individual game tickets on sale to the general public upon clinching a playoff spot. Season Ticket Members will have a priority pre-sale to purchase individual tickets.

When will my playoff tickets be mailed?
Playoff tickets will be sent to the address on your account via FedEx in early April.

Will I be able to forward and sell my playoff tickets on TicketExchange?

Yes, once we receive payment for your playoff purchase your tickets will be enabled for forwarding and resale.

What happens if the LA Kings don’t make the playoffs?

If you renew and sign up for "Playoffs Pay-As-We-Play" and the LA Kings don’t make the playoffs, you will not be charged for playoff tickets and your 2010-11 Season Ticket payments will begin as scheduled. If you are not signed up for "Playoffs Pay-As-We-Play" and you pay for playoffs in advance, your playoff payments can be applied to your 2010-11 Season Tickets or be refunded. Your playoff payments will automatically be applied to your 2010-11 Season Tickets unless you notify us in writing by April 12, 2010.

When will the prices for rounds 3 and 4 of the playoffs be released?
Prices for round 3 will be released once the LA Kings get past round 1.

Is my 5% deposit refundable?
No. However, should you not be able to renew your season tickets, your deposit can be applied to an LA Kings Partial Plan package or single game purchases.